1/4-inch Drive 30-150 in-lb Micro-Adjustable Torque Wrench

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  • MICRO-ADJUSTABLE - Torque wrench is adjustable from 30 to 150 in-lb in increments of 2 in-lb
  • AUDIBLE AND TACTILE INDICATOR - When the designated torque is reached the wrench will emit a click that can be easily heard and felt
  • REVERSIBLE DESIGN - Reversible 1/4-inch drive head allows driving fasteners in both directions, measuring torque only in clockwise direction
  • EASY ADJUSTMENT - Maximum torque can be adjusted easily by rotating the dial on the base of the handle
  • INSET VIEWING WINDOW - Current torque settings are visible in the viewing window located in the grip
  • DURABLE STEEL - Made with a durable carbon steel head and shaft for long lasting reliability
It's not just the people working on the big projects that need to accurately torque fasteners and to help with those smaller precision jobs we offer the STEELMAN 96196-B 1/4-Inch Drive 30-150 in-lb Micro-Adjustable Torque Wrench. Ideal for smaller jobs like TPMS sensors, bicycles, motorcycles, and other small engines, this torque wrench will help you finish with the confidence that your repair job is as good as any factory or repair garage would do. Useable with any 1/4-inch drive socket and adjustable in increments of 2 in-lb in a range of 30 to 150 in-lb this carbon steel tool will make a click that you can both hear and feel when you've reached the desired torque on the fastener. The reversible design allows the wrench to be used to drive fasteners in both directions, however it only measures torque when rotated in a clockwise direction. An inset viewing window in the handle lets you know at a glance what the current torque settings are and can be adjusted by rotating the dial on the base of the handle. To prove our confidence that your torque wrench is ready to go each STEELMAN torque wrench comes with a certificate of calibration.