1/4-Inch Hex Bit to 1/4-Inch Square Drive Expansion Adapter

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Expand the utility of your existing hex bit tools with the STEELMAN 108SD14K-1 1/4-Inch Hex Bit to 1/4-Inch Square Drive Expansion Adapter. This handy accessory allows any hand driven or electrically powered screwdriver or hex bit driver to use any 1/4-inch drive socket. Made from durable tool steel for reliability, this adapter features an indented hex shaft for easy use with most corded and cordless screwdrivers fitted with quick-release chucks. The 1/4-inch square drive end of the adapter features a spring-loaded detent ball that helps secure attached sockets in place so they don't fall off during regular use but are still easily removable when you need to change sizes.
  • REPLACE OR EXPAND - Replace a lost or broken adapter or add a new level of utility to your existing tools
  • DRIVE ADAPTER - Allows 1/4-inch hex drive screwdrivers to use 1/4-inch drive sockets and extensions
  • RESILIENT STEEL - Made from resilient tool steel with a brushed finish for lasting durability
  • SPRING DETENT BALL - Spring loaded detent ball secures attached sockets and extensions during use
  • QUICK-RELEASE SHAFT - Adapter shaft is indented for use in quick-release tool chucks for added retention
  • COMPATIBILITY - Designed for the STEELMAN 108SD14K Cordless Screwdriver but useable on all 1/4-inch hex bit drivers

    Overall Dimensions: 1.98 in. L x 0.32 in. W x 0.26 in. H
    Item Weight (lb.): 0.04