1-Inch Drive (F) to 3/4-Inch Drive Friction Ball Reducer Adapter

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  • SAVE MONEY - Add greater versatility to your sockets and drive tools by maximizing your current tool investment
  • DURABLE STEEL - Forged from heat-treated and shock resistant chromoly alloy steel for lasting durability
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE FINISH - Professional grade, black phosphate finish protects against rust and corrosion
  • TOOL SIZE - Tool allows any 1-inch drive ratchet or impact wrench to use any 3/4-inch drive socket or extension
  • REDUCE FRUSTRATION - This handy tool lets you fill the gaps in size ranges resulting from lost or broken sockets by letting you use sockets from other sets
  • FRICTION BALL - A spring loaded friction detent ball on the 1/2-inch drive end holds sockets securely to the adapter
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - Backed by a limited lifetime warranty
Few things are as frustrating as having your favorite ratchet but not being able to find the socket you need that is the same drive size. Don't buy another socket or ratchet, just use the STEELMAN 79364 1-Inch to 3/4-Inch Drive Friction Ball Reducer Adapter to make better use of the entirety of your existing socket and ratchet collection. This impact grade adapter gives you greater flexibility with your current sockets and drive tools by letting you use 3/4-inch drive sockets with your heavy-duty 1-inch drive ratchet. Made from heat-treated chromoly alloy steel this tool features a professional grade, black phosphate protective coating that provides increased rust and corrosion resistance while also being easy to wipe clean of grease, oil, and other grime. The 3/4-inch male drive end has a built-in friction detent ball that clips into the recess inside sockets to hold them securely to the adapter until the job is done. Similarly the 1-inch female base of the adapter has its own detent recess to keep it firmly in place on ratchets and impact wrenches during use. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty.