10-Piece Plier, Cutter, and Wrench Set, Red

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  • 10-PIECE SET - Includes 5 unique standard pliers 2 locking pliers, 2 cutters, and 1 adjustable wrenche for varied applications
  • LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY - Each tool in the set is covered by a lifetime limited warranty
  • NON-SLIP GRIP - The handles of most tools in the set feature a PVC non-slip grip
  • DIVERSE SET COMPOSITION - Includes everything from diagonal cutters to an adjustable wrench
  • ASME B107 COMPLIANCE - Each tool in the set is manufactured using high-quality materials amd complies with ASME B107 standards
The STEELMAN 10-Piece Plier, Cutter, and Wrench Set is a valuable addition to any toolbox. This diverse set, built with strong steel and comfortable PVC handles, contains everything you need for a wide variety of tasks. Each tool in this 10-piece set offers a unique feature: from the precise grip of the Needle Nose Pliers to the cutting strength of the Diagonal Cutters. The set also includes an adjustable wrench for variable size requirements. Although the tools don't come with a storage case, each one boasts a non-slip grip, ASME B107 compliance, and a lifetime limited warranty, providing a trustworthy, durable, and comfortable tool experience.