11.5 inch-pound TPMS Valve Stem Torque Tool

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  • PREVENT OVERTIGHTENING - Set tightening level prevents overtightening of fasteners and valve stems
  • FIXED SETTING - The torque driver has a fixed 11.5 in-lb torque setting to eliminate setting errors
  • ALUMINUM BODY - The tool body is machined from lightweight aluminum
  • SECURE GRIP - Body tubing has a knurled surface to provide a secure grip during use
  • 4 INCLUDED BITS - Includes four 1/8-inch hex shaft bits in T-10, T-15, and T-20 Torx /Star and a 7mm socket
Mechanics know how difficult and time-consuming it can be to get the right torque when installing TPMS sensors. Thanks to the STEELMAN 96198 11.5 Inch-Pound TPMS Valve Stem Torque Tool, you can quickly and accurately install replacement valve stems on STEELMAN Select Sensors, Schrader rubber snap-in valve-stemmed sensors, and TRW's rubber snap-in valves and metal clamps for the RAM 3500. With a fixed torque setting of 11.5 inch-pounds, these fasteners can be installed quickly and easily without fear of overtightening that could damage the TPMS sensor or cam out the fastener. To do this,the driver's internal mechanism gives slightly and creates a click that can be felt upon reaching the preset torque level. The included 7mm socket and T-10, T-15, and T-20 star / Torx bits securely install screws and nuts to the recommended torque for proper sealing. Useable in a wide range of uses from automotive maintenance to electronics repair.