13/16-inch Swivel Head 3/8-inch Drive 9-inch Impact Extension Socket

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  • EXTEND YOUR REACH - 6-point socket on a pinless, swivel-headed 9-inch extension that allows for easy access in tight spaces
  • HIGH STRENGTH - Made from high strength, heat-treated 4140 chromoly steel
  • CORROSION RESISTANT - Black oxide protective coating provides increased corrosion resistance
  • KNURLED SHAFT - Knurled shaft allows for easy hand-starting and tightening of fasteners to prevent cross-threading
  • MAXIMUM TORQUE TRANSFER - Pinless joint design transfers maximum torque from driver to socket
  • WIDE RANGE OF MOTION - With a wide range of motion more angles are available to work from making it easier to reach fasteners
  • INCREASED SAFETY - Pinless design prevents projectiles common to pinned designs in the event of breakage
The STEELMAN PRO 99054 13/16-Inch Swivel Head 3/8-Inch Drive, 9-Inch Impact Extension Socket was designed to get into hard-to-reach spaces where maximum power is needed. This SAE extension socket is made of high strength, heat treated 4140 chromoly steel with a black oxide finish. The knurled shaft allows for easy hand-starting and tightening of fasteners to prevent cross-threading. The pinless joint design transfers more useable torque to fasteners than a universal joint design, and also provides safety from flying projectiles that such designs can create upon failure. The socket head can pivot up to 30 degrees, providing a high degree of flexibility and allowing for a wide range of applications.