13mm Stubby Combination Wrench, 12-Point Box End

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  • SIZE - Combination wrench fits 13mm nuts, bolts, and other fasteners
  • COMPACT ACCESS - Compact, stubby size wrench fits into work spaces too small for full size tools
  • LONG LASTING DURABILITY - Forged of heat treated alloy steel for enduring durability
  • 12-POINT BOX - 12-Point box ends fit 12, 6, and 4-point fasteners for superb utility
  • FULL POLISH CHROME - Full polish chrome plating is rust and corrosion resistant and cleans easily
  • STAMPED SIZE CALLOUTS - Size callouts are stamped onto both sides for easy identification
  • ANGLED AND OFFSET - Angled open end and offset box end for better fastener access and hand clearance
Work with the same quality tools as professional mechanics and service technicians with a STEELMAN 82591 13mm Stubby Size 12-Point Metric Combination Wrench. This durable alloy steel tool is designed to allow you to remove and tighten multiple kinds of fasteners without needing additional tools. The 12-point box end can be used to work on 12-point, traditional 6-point, and even 4-point nuts, bolts, and other fasteners. The compact size of this stubby wrench allows it to be used in tight spaces that are too restrictive for full size tools to be used. The tool's angled open end makes it easier to use on fasteners in small spaces that restrict access by letting you flip the wrench around and access the fastener from a new angle. The offset box end provides extra clearance to get past obstructions as well as make room for your hands and knuckles as you work. Multiple size markings on the wrench are hard stamped directly into the steel on both sides for easy identification doesn't wear away or rub off with repeated tool use. The easy to clean, full polished chrome finish protects against rust and corrosion to further prolong tool life.