15-Foot Coiled 3/8-Inch ID Air Hose with Adapter and Reusable 1/4-Inch NPT Brass Fittings

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  • 15-FOOT LENGTH -Coiled 15-foot long hose reaches across garages and workshops then contracts for compact storage -
  • KINK RESISTANT - Durable polyurethane tubing is highly kink resistant and resists twisting and crushing
  • 3/8-INCH HOSE - 3/8-Inch inner diameter delivers maximum air volume to your pneumatic tools for peak performance
  • ABRASION RESISTANT - PU tubing offers excellent abrasion resistance, far superior to rubber and nylon hoses
  • INCLUDED ADAPTER - Removable 1/4-inch NPT to 3/8-inch NPT fitting is included on one end for added versatility
  • REUSEABLE FITTINGS - Comes pre-fit with two rigid and reuseable male 1/4-inch NPT brass fittings
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - Coiled hose is easy to handle and 25% lighter than a rubber hose of equal length
Get power to your pneumatic tools anywhere in your garage or workshop with the STEELMAN 50043-IND 15-Foot Coiled 3/8-Inch ID Air Hose with Reuseable 1/4-Inch NPT Brass Fittings. This compact, coiled hose is made from premium abrasion resistant polyurethane that easily outmatches rubber and nylon for wear resistance which comes in handy when working around unfinished or bare concrete floors. Highly kink resistant, the tubing also withstands twisting or crushing making it ideal for use in a range of situations from automotive shops to industrial work. The hose is 25% lighter than equivalent rubber hoses making it easier to handle with less effort and can withstand working compressed air pressures of up to 100 PSI. The reuseable brass fittings come pre-attached to the hose and easily connect to 1/4-inch NPT quick connects, adapters, and compressors. For added accessibility and utility a 1/4-inch to 3/8-inch adapter is also included on one of the ends.