16-Ounce Dead Blow Hammer

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  • STEEL SHOT - Encased in the head of the hammer is 16 oz. of steel shot that reduces elastic rebound increases striking force
  • SHOCK ABSORBING - Urethane sheathed head and handle helps absorb residual shock
  • NON-SPARKING - Hammer has no exposed metal surfaces and will not cause sparks upon impact
  • TEXTURED HANDLE - Ringed texture around the handle gives increased grip and slip resistance
  • NON-MARRING - Urethane striking face is non-marking
  • HIGH VISIBILITY - Bright orange color helps this hammer stand out among other tools and differentiate it from other hammers
  • OIL AND SOLVENT RESISTANT - Durable urethane sheathing is oil and solvent resistant and easy to clean
The STEELMAN 95719 16-Ounce Dead Blow Hammer is the ideal tool for any application that needs precision striking power. The urethane sheathed head and handle absorb residual shock and acts as a buffer preventing sparks upon impact with any surface. The 16-ounces of steel shot encased in the hammer's head gives increased striking force while reducing elastic rebound or bouncing and the ringed texture around the grip will keep it from slipping out of your hand during use. The bright orange color helps this hammer stand out from other tools and differentiate it from other hammers. Perfect for use in a variety of applications from HVAC and automotive, to AR assembly/gunsmithing and woodworking.