18-Inch Long 3/8-Inch Drive Flex-Head Ratchet

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  • STRONG AND DURABLE - Made from heat-treated chrome-vanadium steel to withstand the rigors of everyday use
  • FLEXIBLE HEAD - Ratchet head can flex 180-degrees allowing you to easily reach fasteners at almost any angle
  • 72-TOOTH MECHANISM - With a 72-tooth ratcheting mechanism you only need a 5 degree swing arc letting you work in tight or confined spaces
  • QUICK RELEASE - A quick-release button on the back of the ratchet head allows effortless socket removal
  • EXTENDED HANDLE - 18-Inch extended length handle provides you with additional reach and leverage against stubborn fasteners
  • 3/8-INCH DRIVE - Compatible with any 3/8-inch drive sockets and extensions
  • POLISHED CHROME FINISH - Polished chrome finish provides rust and corrosion resistance and is easy to wipe clean
Even the toughest of jobs are no match for the STEELMAN 95819 18-Inch Long 3/8-Inch Drive Flex-Head Ratchet. Constructed of heavy-duty chrome vanadium steel, this 72-tooth ratchet was built to withstand the harshest of working environments. The 180-degree flex-head allows you to adapt to any angle, providing torque where you need it the most, while the extra-long handle gives you additional leverage for those hard-to-reach spaces. There’s an convenient quick-release button that swaps out sockets easily, and with a 5-degree ratchet arc you can easily engage fasteners even in tight spaces. This ratchet is a top choice for anybody in the automotive, construction or home-improvement industry!