18-inch Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Straight Handle Pipe Wrench

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  • DUCTILE IRON - Sturdy I-beam handle is cast of durable ductile iron for lasting reliability and strength
  • EXTRA-LONG HANDLE - 18-inch long handle provides maximum leverage on rusty pipes and fittings
  • HARDENED TEETH - Toothed steel jaws are induction hardened for a grip that bites in and resists chipping
  • FLOATING JAW - Fully floating hook jaw for fast ratcheting action during use
  • 2.5-INCH CAPACITY - Wide jaws have a 2.5-inch max opening, perfect for up to 2-inch ID pipe and fittings
  • SELF-CLEANING THREADS - Self-cleaning thread design prevents grease and dirt build-up
Whether you're working on replacing old copper water pipes in a home improvement project or installing new cast-iron natural gas pipes, the STEELMAN 60881 18-Inch Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Straight Handle Pipe Wrench delivers the grip you want with the leverage you need to get the job done. Constructed with an extra-long ductile iron I-beam-shaped handle, this handy plumbing and pipe gripping tool feature a fully floating hook jaw that allows for effortless ratcheting action to tighten or loosen pipes quickly and easily. The solid riveted pin heel jaw as well as the hook jaw both feature serrated teeth and are induction hardened for a reliable grip that bites and holds while resisting chipping from constant contact with hard materials. The machined threads on the hook jaw are self-cleaning to prevent a build-up of dirt, grease, and other materials. Wide opening, the jaws have a maximum open width of 2-1/2-inches to fit beams, boards, bars, pipes, and fittings.