2-Tine Honey Badger Demo Fork with 56-Inch Handle

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  • ONE TOOL DEMOLITION - Single tool replaces multiple demolition tools to smash, pry, scoop, and more
  • 2 SHARP TINES - 2 sharp-tipped tines easily penetrate between or through materials
  • REINFORCED HEAD - Reinforced head design allows twisting and prying without fear of bent tines
  • STRIKING ENDS - Extended sides on head for sledgehammer-like blows to break apart materials
  • MAXIMUM LEVERAGE - 56-Inch long handle with 10-inch vinyl grip for maximum leverage
Demolition jobs demand a lot of different approaches, sometimes you need to pry and twist, other times you just need to straight out smash through. The Honey Badger Demo Fork will do it all. Built resembling a reinforced pitchfork, this tool can do it all - penetrate, twist, pry, smash, puncture, and scoop. The 2 sharp-tipped tines easily pierce between or through materials for easy prying up of floorboards, shingles, and tile and their thick, wedge-like shape prevents them from bending when you have to bear down to break free fasteners or adhesives. The extended sides of the head easily double as striking surfaces so the 8-pound tool can be swung like a sledgehammer to break up and break apart boards, tiles, and more. The 56-inch long handle has a vinyl grip covering the last 10-inches and provides maximum leverage to loosen the most stubborn of fasteners and debris. A strengthening gusset where the handle meets the head reinforces that connection and adds additional surface area for prying up larger material. To make prying off floor and wall boards easier, the tines are spaced 3.75-inches apart, letting the tool straddle on-edge lumber.