2AAA Battery Operated 12-Inch Flexible Neck Pen Light

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  • 12-INCH FLEXIBLE NECK - Flexible 12-inch long gooseneck can be bent and twisted to go around objects and into tight spaces
  • COMPACT ILLUMINATION - Compact LED bulb tip measures only 0.27-inches in diameter and emits a soft 10-lumens of light
  • ANODIZED ALUMINUM - Durable casing of black anodized aluminum with shrink-wrapped brass gooseneck
  • POCKET CLIP - Includes an attached painted steel pocket clip to easily secure the light onto a pocket or lanyard
  • NON-SLIP DESIGN - Knurled texture and contoured casing provide a secure, non-slip grip
  • BATTERY OPERATED - Powered by two AAA cell batteries which are included for your convenience
Shed a little light on almost any area with the STEELMAN 95887 2AAA 12-Inch Flexible Neck Pen Light. With a simple click of the soft touch power button, you’re provided with 10-lumens of soft white illumination whenever you need it. To get that light right where you need it, the 12-inch Pocket sized, this handy flashlight has a 12-inch long, flexible gooseneck that enables it to bend, twist, and arc around obstructions and behind corners. The 0.27-inch diameter LED tip is small enough to fit into tight spaces and through all but the smallest grates, vents, HVAC registers and grills. A built-in steel clip lets you secure the light easily to a pocket, backpack, lanyard, or tool pouch. If accidentally droped, the black anodized aluminum casing and durable polycarbonate lens ensure the light doesn’t break. Powered by 2 AAA cell batteries which come included for convenience. Ideal for home inspectors, mechanics, home owners, or anyone who needs a compact, reliable light.