2-Ton Capacity Lightweight Aluminum Long-Reach Low-Profile Floor Jack

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  • 2-TON CAPACITY - Easily lifts and supports light trucks, cars, SUVs and other vehicles weighing up to 2-tons
  • ALUMINUM SIDE PLATES - Thick aluminum side plates provide strength while cutting down on weight
  • DUAL PUMP PISTON - Dual pump piston decreases strokes needed to rapidly raise saddle to chassis
  • LARGE SADDLE - Large, 4.5-inch diameter saddle provides greater contact when lifting
  • MAX LIFTING HEIGHT - Maximum saddle lifting height is 18.5-inches with a 3.25-inch min height
  • FOAM HANDLE SHEATH - Foam sheathing on the lower half of the handle protects door panels from damage
Safely and quickly lift vehicles for a wide range of repair work ranging from tire and brake servicing to undercarriage and muffler repairs with this lightweight floor jack. Constructed with thick aluminum side panels for strength and durability while being lightweight, this rugged little lift can support passenger cars and trucks weighing up to 2-tons (4,000-pounds / 1,814kg). Swiveling rear castor wheels allow easy maneuvering to make positioning the jack under vehicle lift points easier and convenient side handles allow easy lifting and carrying of the jack. The 4.5-inch diameter reinforced steel saddle provides greater contact with vehicle lift points for a safer, more secure lift. The 50-inch long handle features a protective foam sleeve to prevent dings and dents in vehicle side panels and attaches to a dual piston pump for faster raising of the lift arm. Designed for maximum clearance, this floor jack has a minimum height of 3.25-inches (83mm) and a maximum height of 18.5-inches (470mm).