3/8-inch Drive T40 Internal Star/Torx Bit Socket

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  • 3/8-INCH DRIVE - Socket is compatible with any 3/8-inch drive ratchet, extension, adapter, or torque wrench
  • DURABLE STEEL - Made of durable and resilient chrome vanadium alloy steel
  • SINGLE PIECE - Socket is made from a single, solid piece of steel for increased strength
  • T40 SIZE - Male / internal socket fits T40 sized Torx / star bolts, screws, and fasteners
  • HARD STAMPED MARKINGS - Size callouts and markings are hard stamped directly into the steel
  • DETENT RECESS - Ball detent recess on the female end of tool holds tight to ratchets, adapters, and extensions
  • 1-YEAR WARRANTY - Protected by a 1-year limited warranty
The STEELMAN 06104 3/8-Inch drive T40 Internal Star/Torx Socket is fully compatible with 3/8-inch drive tools. Unlike similar sockets with two part construction, this socket is constructed from a single piece of durable chrome vanadium alloy steel for increased strength and durability. Hard stamped size markings are pressed directly into the steel and will not wipe off or wear away from even the most constant of use. A ball detent recess on the inside of the drive end helps hold the socket onto connected tools during use.