300-Lumen Rechargeable Motion-Activated, Multi-Mode LED Headlamp

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  • MULTI-MODE HEADLAMP - Combined high powered Cree and COB LEDs with headband, handheld or magnetic mount use
  • CREE SPECS - 300-lumens with 60m range for 2.5-hours on high, 90-lumens with 30m range and 12 hour runtime on low
  • COB SPECS - 250-lumens out to 8m for 3.5-hours on high and 40-lumens to 4m with 14-hour runtime on low
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES - 1400mAh rechargeable battery is built-into the case and recharges with the included USB-C cable
  • HANDS-FREE - Motion sensor switch can set headlamp to be used to set any mode to hands-free operation
  • DETACHABLE STRAP - Lamp easily detaches from headband for handheld use or mounting with built-in magnets
  • EASY-OFF DESIGN - Press power switch to toggle settings, after 5-seconds on any setting, next push is off, no more cycling
Thanks to the STEELMAN PRO 60739 300-Lumen Rechargeable Motion-Activated Multi-Mode LED Headlamp, you'll never be left in the dark wherever you are and whatever you are doing. This versatile, easy-to-use head lamp features both a powerful, spotlight-like Cree LED and an area illuminating COB LED panel to bring light where you need it up close and far away. Both have independent high and low settings that can be controlled by either a conventional push button or hands-free thanks to a built-in motion sensor. A convenient easy off design makes it so that once you toggle to the setting you want, after a short 5-second delay, the next press turns the light off. The Cree lamp can provide 300-lumens of light out to a range of 60m (~196-feet) for up to 2.5 hours on high and 90-lumens out to 30m (~98-feet) for 12-hours on low. Meanwhile the COB panel provides 250-lumens on high out to 8m (~26-feet) for 3.5-hours on high and 40-lumens out to 4m (~13-feet) for up to 14 hours on low. The LED headlamp module is also detachable from the head strap bracket to allow it to be used as a handheld flashlight or even mounted to a metal surface with the built-in magnets on the back. The headband is fully adjustable and ideal for use while hiking, backpacking, and camping, even in inclement weather thanks to its IPX4 rated ABS case that keeps out rain. The lamp is powered by a built-in 1400mAh rechargeable battery and includes a USB-C cable for convenient charging from any USB power source.