36-Inch x 60-Inch Yard Glider Material Transport Sled

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  • MORE THAN A TARP - Advanced polymer glider is built to withstand heavy use that would shred regular tarps
  • LIGHTWEIGHT STRENGTH - Lightweight glider won't dry rot and is UV, chemical, and impact resistant
  • SLIDE OVER SURFACES - Slick surface glides over lawns, sand, dirt, gravel, sticks, pavement and more
  • GROUND LEVEL LOADING - Ground level design lays flat letting you rake, roll, or dump loads without lifting
  • MULTI-PURPOSE HANDLES - Integrated handles along edge don't stick up and double as anchor points for straps
  • LARGE CAPACITY - Can easily support over 1000-pound loads of yard waste, logs and branches, rocks, and more
  • EASY STORAGE - Rolls up for compact storage or let it lay flat under your parked ATV or lawn tractor

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A modern twist on the hauling sled, the Yard Glider is so much more than just another thick tarp. This 36-inch x 60-inch (3-foot x 5-foot / 0.91m x 1.52m) sheet of advanced polymer is designed to withstand heavy use that would shred a standard tarp and leave a metal or wood transport sled dented or broken. Thanks to the advanced polymer construction, the Yard Glider is UV, chemical, and impact resistant while remaining flexible. Designed to lay flat on the ground, this material mover can be loaded without any lifting required, just rake, roll, or dump materials onto it and get to moving. Multiple handles are cut into the glider edges giving you plenty of hand holds for manual moving or attach a tow chain or rope to any of them and pull the load with an ATV, lawn tractor or other vehicle. Slick on both sides, the Yard Glider slides over all kinds of surfaces from lawns and open dirt fields to pavement with all their accompanying sticks, roots, rocks and other bumps, this handy glider can move loads over them all. Easily supporting loads of over 1000-pounds and with plentiful tie-down spots along the edge for securing loads, you'll be able to move in a single trip what would take most 12 cu. ft. transport carts five or six trips. When you're done, just roll up the Yard Glider for storage, or better yet, let it lay flat and just park your ATV or lawn tractor right on top of it.