Straight and 90-Degree Offset 7-inch Snap-Ring Pliers, Internal and External, Set of 4

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  • 4-PIECE SET - Set includes 4 individual sets of pliers for working on a variety of snap-rings and circlips
  • INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL - Includes both internal and external style pliers to install or remove rings with a simple squeeze
  • HARDENED STEEL - 7-inch long pliers and tips are constructed of forged and hardened steel for extra durability
  • TWO TIP STYLES - Set includes both straight tip pliers as well as 90-degree styles to easily reach recessed or angled rings
  • 1.7MM DIAMETER TIPS - Finely machined tips measure 1.7mm in diameter to fit easily into clip lug holes
  • DUAL DIPPED GRIP - Dual dipped and textured handles for a secure and comfortable grip
Access both internally and externally placed circlips and retaining rings with equal easy using the STEELMAN 60958 4-Piece 7-Inch Long Straight and 90-Degree Offset Internal and External Snap-Ring Pliers Set. These versatile and compact, 7-inch long tools are forged from hardened steel for lasting durability and reliability and are each specialized for working on a specific type of ring. Each pair is specialized with one for straight access on internal rings, one for straight access on external rings, a 90-degree offset pair for internal rings and another 90-degree offset pair for external snap-rings. The tips of both styles end with 1.7mm diameter tips to fit snugly into grip holes on snap-ring lugs. The handles on each tool are double dipped for greater user comfort and textured for a secure grip during use.