Professional 4-Ton Capacity Jack Stand Set

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  • HEAVY-DUTY SUPPORT - Heavy-duty, ratchet type stands able to support up to 4 tons each (8 tons total)
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION - Sturdy, welded steel construction for superior safety and strength
  • EASY SETUP - Easy to operate, slide open design makes setup fast to get you working quickly
  • CONTOURED SADDLE - Contoured saddles provide secure contact when supporting large vehicles
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT - Adjustable height stands have a 14-inch minimum and 21-inch maximum height
Prop up vehicles like cars, trailers, light trucks, SUVs, light vehicles and more for a variety of repair tasks and maintenance services with a pair of STEELMAN JS647529 Professional 4-Ton Capacity Jack Stands. Made from sturdy welded steel for superior strength and designed to with a wide, contoured saddle, these rugged stands can be used on all but the heaviest vehicles as each are rated to support up to 4-tons (8,000-pounds) with a combined weight capacity of 8-tons (16,000-pounds). Their simple to operate ratcheting mechanisms slide out and into place easily yet will not release when under load, keeping you safe while you work. Once weight is removed, just lift up the release lever and they slide back to their minimum height for easier storage. Ideal for use when higher support is needed as each has an adjustability range of 14-inches to 21-inches making them perfect for use in any home shop, professional garage or mobile repair rig.