6-Inch Diameter Studless Wheel Hub Polisher and Resurfacing Kit, 5/16" Hex Quick Disconnect

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  • REPLACEMENT PAD - Replacement abrasive pad is Steelman part number 60390
  • REMOVE BUILD-UP - Quickly remove rust and built-up road grime from studless wheel hub assemblies on cars, trucks, and equipment
  • NYLON PAD - Durable 5/8-inch thick nylon web pad cleans away scale and rust without the scratches and damage of a wire brush
  • POWER TOOL COMPATIBLE - 5/16-inch (8mm) hex molded into body fits into standard size electric or pneumatic drill chucks
  • ARBOR ADAPTER - Includes a 7/16-inch arbor adapter for use with a low speed tire buffer
  • EASY REPLACEMENT - Hook and loop adhesion and molded tabs keep pad in place during use and allow easy replacement
Scour away rust and corrosion build-up on studless wheel hubs on cars, trucks, and heavy equipment and prepare surfaces for restoration work with the STEELMAN 60389 6-Inch Diameter Studless Wheel Hub Polisher and Resurfacing Kit. When rust is allowed to build up on wheel hubs, rotors, and brake drums, it can cause wobbling due to improper alignment which results in rotor runout as well as rusted lug nuts that can lead to improperly secured tires that check as torqued but are still loose on the wheel. Save yourself money and prevent costly repairs and replacements with this handy kit to service virtually all passenger cars, light trucks, SUVs and other vehicles that use studless wheel hubs / lug bolts. The durable nylon web resurfacing pad scours away rust and built-up road grime without damaging rotors, hub assemblies, and brake components like a wire brush or wheel and without the hazards of chemical cleaners. The large, donut shaped disc is also excellent for use preparing metal surfaces for restoration and similar work. The main holder features a molded in 5/16-inch (8mm) hex that fits easily into standard sized chucks on handheld electric or pneumatic drills and a 7/16-inch adapter is included to allow the kit to be used with a 7/16-inch tire buffer. To prevent damage to tool mandrel as well as surfaces being polished, a maximum of 1500 rpm is recommended. Replacement abrasive pad is Steelman part number 60390.