8-Inch Multi-Purpose Linesman Pliers

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  • DURABLE - Constructed of heavy-duty and dependable 1055 carbon steel for strength and durability
  • WIRE CUTTER - Wire cutter / shearer at base of jaws to cut insulated and non-insulated wires
  • CABLE PULLER - Inner handle near joint is serrated for use pulling wires and removing nails
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP - Single layer plastisol dipped handles provide a secure and comfortable grip
  • INDUCTION HARDENED - Cutting surfaces on wire cutters are induction hardened for a lasting edge
Get a grip on wires and cables with a pair of STEELMAN 60868 8-Inch Multi-Purpose Linesman Pliers. Made of dependable and heavy-duty 1055 carbon steel, this durable tool has single layer plastisol dipped handles to provide a comfortable and secure grip during use. The extended nose design of the jaws gives them the toothed grip of standard pliers along with a pair of cutting blades to quickly snip wires to length. A second set of serrated gripping teeth on the handle side of the joint are great for pulling and running wires or removing stray nails and staples. The built-in set wire cutter blades are induction hardened to cut through both insulated and non-insulated copper and as well as older aluminum wires as well as smaller gauge braided cable.