8-Inch Long Slip-Joint Pliers with Wire Cutter and Dual Layer Blue Grip

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Grip large, small and everything in between with a pair of STEELMAN 96973 8-Inch Long Slip-Joint Pliers with Wire Cutter and Dual Layer Grip. These hard working pliers are forged from hardened 45# carbon steel for lasting toughness and wear resistance to enable them to grip snugly onto the hardest materials with less jaw deformation. The multi-machined jaws feature three different tooth sizes: a fine tooth pattern near the top, larger intermediate teeth in the middle of the jaws, and a coarse tooth pattern to provide you the gripping power you need to securely hold both large, medium and small objects. At the base of the jaws, next to the joint, is a shearing style wire cutter for clipping bundle wires and similar bands or for shearing insulated and non-insulated copper wires.. With the slip-joint, the jaws can be opened up to 2-1/4-inches wide to grab onto large hoses and nuts as easily as smaller fasteners without sacrificing closing strength or forcing you to hold the tool awkwardly. The handles are dipped in two layers of soft blue plastisol / PVC for added hand comfort and grip. When you need to reach in and grab hold, reach for STEELMAN.
  • TRIPLE STAGE JAW - Features fine, intermediate and coarse teeth for gripping varying sized objects
  • WIRE CUTTER - Hardened jaw has a wire cutter built into their base near the hinge bolt
  • DURABLE STEEL - Durable 45# carbon steel construction for lasting toughness and wear resistance
  • 2-1/4-INCH JAW - Wide opening jaws have a maximum opening distance of 2-1/4-inches
  • DUAL-DIPPED GRIP - Dual layer PVC dipped handle for additional user comfort and better grip

    Color: Blue
    Material: Steel, PVC
    Overall Dimensions: 8.00 in. L x 2.17 in. W x 0.75 in. H
    Item Weight (lb.): 0.68
    Warranty: Lifetime Limited Warranty
    Country of Origin: China