8-Piece Friction Fit Jack Pad Risers Multi-Pack for Tesla Models 3, Y, S and X

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  • NO MORE GUESSING - Take the guesswork out of positioning floor jacks when lifting Tesla vehicles
  • COMPATIBLE MODELS - Includes 2 sets; one for Tesla Models S and X, the other for Models 3 and Y
  • PRECISION DESIGN - Precision design fits snugly into factory jack points for secure vehicle lifting
  • DURABLE - Made of high strength acetal plastic that resists hydrocarbons and solvents
  • PAD SIZE - Individual pads measure 28mm in height x 63mm in diameter (1.1-inches x 2.5-inches)
  • 2 INCLUDED CASES - Each 4-piece set comes with a convenient case for easy storage
Take the guesswork out of lifting Tesla vehicles when using a rolling floor jack or shop lift with a set of STEELMAN 60998 Friction Fit Jack Pad Risers Multi-Pack for Tesla Models 3, Y, S and X. These durable plastic pads are designed with a friction fit post that fits into the same jack point slots on your vehicle's chassis as factory issue hand jacks. When used, these pads precisely locate the ideal spot for lifting and provide extra clearance between jack saddle rims and lift edges that would otherwise directly contact the undercarriage or battery cell compartment before they contact the lift point. The acetal plastic construction resists hydrocarbons and solvents that would dissolve or corrode solid rubber pucks and make them ideal for use in both a professional garage or your own home shop. Each individual riser measures 2.5-inches (63mm) in diameter and provides a 1.1-inch (28mm) height increase for jacks. This jack pad multi-pack contains two separate sets, one designed to fit Tesla Model S and X vehicles and the other designed for Models 3 and Y. Each set comes inside its own compact and convenient storage case.