8-Ounce Anti-Seize Thread Lubricant

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  • IDEAL FOR HIGH TEMPERATURES - Ideal for use on exhaust manifolds, head bolts, spark plug threads, and brake assemblies
  • COPPER FORMULA - Copper formula is designed for high temperature use and operates at up to 2000 degrees F
  • SENSOR SAFE - Safe for use on threaded parts of oxygen and knock sensors
  • CAP MOUNTED BRUSH - Convenient applicator brush is mounted to the underside of the cap
  • PROTECTS AGAINST RUST - Protects against rust, corrosion, and galling
  • 8-OUNCE BOTTLE - 8-ounce bottle will last for dozens of jobs
Who hasn't had the experience of having to strain to break free a stubborn fastener on a brake assembly or free a seized spark plug? Avoid those problems with STEELMAN Anti-Seize Thread lubricant. This copper-based lubricant protects against the types of rust and corrosion that lead to seized parts and stuck bolts, nuts, and other fasteners. Apply a small amount to the threads with the convenient, cap-mounted brush when assembling and the parts will be just as easy to remove when it comes time for disassembly again. Great for a wide range of uses from brake assemblies, thermostat housing bolts, various sensors, exhaust manifolds, and can even be used in smaller projects such as gunsmithing and 3D printing.