Automotive Reset System Tool for Oil, Battery, Parking Brake, and Other Service Lights

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  • UNIVERSAL DIAGNOSTIC TOOL - Quickly and easily perform a wide range of diagnostic functions on a wide range of vehicles
  • CLEAR SERVICE LIGHTS - Clear oil service and electronic parking brake service lights in addition to performing battery resets
  • OBDII AND CAN BUS - Reads and clears diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) using both OBDII and CAN bus protocols on vehicles 1996 and newer
  • 3.25-INCH SCREEN - Built-in, easy to read 3.25-inch backlit LED screen
  • UPDATEABLE - Internet updateable using USB or update using removable SD card (included)
  • VEHICLE POWERED - Tool draws power through OBDII interface so you never have to worry about dead batteries or batteries dying during use
  • INCLUDED STORAGE - Includes a blow molded black plastic storage case and a USB card reader

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Diagnose your vehicle with the same tool that the pros use with the STEELMAN RT-4000 PRO (97019) Automotive Diagnostics and Servicing OBDII Code Scanner. Whether you go to the shop or do the work in your own garage, many vehicles today require the Oil Service light to be reset after a routine oil change, or they require a battery reset be done when installing a new battery. The RT-4000 PRO makes it quick and easy to perform these functions with simple to follow step-by-step instructions displayed on the tool's 3.25-inch screen. Additionally, some European vehicles have maintenance resets for things like air filter, brake pad service, and even cabin air filter replacement. This tool can perform these along with many other electronic maintenance resets as well as being able to interpret and clear diagnostic trouble code (DTC) readings. Using the included USB card reader and SD card you can keep your RT-4000 updated with the newest vehicle information. Comes with a durable blow molded black plastic storage case with an easy to understand instruction manual. Perfect for any repair garage, quick lube shop, or do-it-yourself mechanic.