Automotive Battery Carrying Strap

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  • VERSATILE USE - Can be used to lift and carry most types of batteries with side or top mounted terminals
  • CLEAR MARKINGS - Ends are marked and sized to accurately fit positive and negative terminals
  • DOUBLES AS ADAPTER - Can also be used as a charging adapter on side mounted terminal batteries
  • LONG STRAP - 14-Inch long strap gives plenty of room for your hands even on the largest of batteries
  • ACID-RESISTANT - Strap is acid resistant
Decades ago, car engine compartments had enough room that changing a battery was simple as long as you had the strength to lift the battery. Times have changed however, and often there's little more than the space the battery needs to barely fit for you to work in when changing a battery. To make the job easier, even in small spaces, is the STEELMAN 42013 Battery Carrying Strap. The twin fold design will work on most types of batteries whether they have top or side mounted terminals and the ends are marked and sized to accurately fit positive and negative terminals. The plastic strap itself is acid resistant and nonconductive and its 14-inch length gives your hands plenty of room to grip, even on the largest of batteries. The side mounting screws also allow the strap to double as a charging adapter allowing the same type of clamps used on top post terminals to be used on your side terminal battery.