Universal Hook and Cotter Pin Puller

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  • SAFE REMOVAL - Puller makes removal of cotter pins safe and easy, no more slipping pliers or screwdrivers
  • DURABLE STEEL - Hook is made of durable zinc-plated steel for increased corrosion resistance
  • HEAVY DUTY - Heavy duty construction that won't bend or break under the strain of use
  • COMFORTABLE HANDLE - Handle is made of heavy duty plastic with a comfortable grip
  • 90 DEGREE HOOK - The hook's 90 degree angle holds strong while allowing easy release compared to curved hooks
The STEELMAN 42016 Universal Hook and Cotter Pin Puller is the ideal tool to use when you need precision prying and hooking capacity. This hook makes the removal of cotter pins both safer and easier as its sharp point easily gets into the open end of the pin for a secure grip and the 90 degree angle gives you additional leverage to pull it free. No more will you have to deal with slipping pliers or screwdrivers that more often than not leave the cotter pin mangled and unusable. The tool is also great for removing hoses and O-rings as well whether on autos, fifth wheels, or trailers. The comfortable handle is made of highly visible, heavy duty red plastic and the steel hook is zinc-plated for increased corrosion resistance.