Brake Shoe Retaining Spring Tool

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  • SPECIALLY DESIGNED - Designed to remove brake shoe retaining springs on drum brakes
  • SECURE GRIP - Special socket design securely grips retainer washer
  • SIMPLE USE - Line up washer, push, and turn 90 degrees
  • COMFORTABLE HANDLE - Knurled handle is comfortable while giving a secure grip for your hand
  • UNIVERSAL - Double ended design fits restraining spring sizes 5/8 to 11/16-inch on one end 11/16 to 7/8-inch on the other
When doing auto brake repairs or shoe changes, don't aggravate yourself trying to remove retaining springs with pliers that slip or barely grip, instead use the STEELMAN 42017 Brake Shoe Retaining Spring Tool. This double ended tool is specially designed to remove a wide range of retaining spring clip sizes. The special socket design fits restraining spring washers sized 5/8 to 11/16-inch on one end and 11/16 to 7/8-inch on the other making spring removal a simple matter of line up, push, and twist 90 degrees. Take the hassle out of brake jobs and add STEELMAN to your brake repair kit.