Tungsten Carbide Buffing Wheel with Adapter

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  • LONG-LASTING - durable tungsten carbide material will easily stand up to repeated use in the garage
  • 3/8-INCH ARBOR INCLUDED - 3/8-Inch arbor is included for attachment to air tool quick change chucks
  • EFFICIENT - Carbide surface aggressively bites into material to remove it faster saving time and effort
  • USE WITH TIRE BUFFER - For use with STEELMAN SLP6510 Tire Buffer (sold separately)
  • MAXIMUM USE SPEED - Maximum recommended use speed is 5,000RPM
When you need to remove tire material quickly and accurately during a repair, turn to the STEELMAN Tungsten Carbide Buffing Wheel. Its durable tungsten carbide surface is long-lasting and will easily stand up to repeated use, even in a professional auto shop. The buffing wheel aggressively bites into rubber material so you can save time and effort. With the included 3/8-inch arbor adapter, the wheel is compatible with a quick-change chuck like those found on the Steelman Heavy Duty Low-Speed Tire Buffer and other low-speed buffers. For user safety, the maximum recommended use speed is 5,000 RPM. If you are looking for a frustration-free tire repair process, turn to STEELMAN.