ChassisEAR and EngineEAR Auto Diagnostic Combination Kit

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  • PINPOINT NOISES - Quickly pinpoint troublesome noises in cars, trucks, heavy machinery, farm equipment, and more
  • MULTI-CHANNEL - Connect up to six (6) microphones to different under-chassis locations simultaneously to find a noise's source
  • COLOR CODED LEADS - Each microphone / clamp is color coded for easy identification
  • 16-FOOT CABLES - 16-foot long wire leads allow microphones to be positioned in difficult to reach places
  • ELECTRONIC STETHOSCOPE - Electronic stethoscope with flexible gooseneck and removable aluminum probe for direct contact examinations
  • OVER EAR HEADPHONES - Included mono headphones completely cover the ear to help block out background noises
  • STORAGE CASE - Foam padded black plastic case is included for easy storage and transportation
The STEELMAN 06606 ChassisEAR and EngineEAR Electronic Diagnostic Tool Combination Kit allows the user to more easily hunt down and diagnose troublesome squeaks, knocks, and rattles that indicate worn or near failure components. The ChassisEAR unit can use up to six individual microphone clamps to easily pinpoint the exact location of troublesome sounds. Each of the six piezoelectric microphone clamps is color-coded and has a 16-foot wire lead to give you the reach you need to ensure that you can reach even the most difficult vehicle locations. A set of included full-coverage, professional-style headphones shut out surrounding sound letting you focus on what the ultrasensitive microphones pick up. The EngineEAR is a handy listening tool that features a supersensitive noise detecting microphone attached to a flexible gooseneck for easy maneuvering inside cramped engine compartments and other tight spaces. The microphone itself is non-conductive and a rubber boot insulates the detachable solid core inductive aluminum probe to help prevent damage to delicate electronic components. A side mounted volume control knob lets you manually amplify otherwise quiet noises quickly. A foam padded black plastic storage case is included to keep all components organized between uses.