10-inch Curved Jaw Locking Pliers

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  • CURVED JAW - Curved style jaw allows precision clamping onto small objects as well as around pipes
  • DURABLE STEEL - Durable 45# carbon steel construction for lasting toughness and wear resistance
  • HARDENED JAWS - Hardened steel jaws are designed to provide a secure grip that doesn't slip
  • SCREW ADJUSTED - Knurled turn screw adjustment to easily set jaws for clamping varied material sizes
  • ONE-HANDED OPERATION - Traditional design allows for easy one-handed use, even when wearing gloves
Grasp with precision and strength with a pair of STEELMAN 301889 Curved Jaw 10-Inch Long Locking Pliers. Their curved jaw design allows them to firmly grasp small objects like nuts, bolts, and screws, clamp together steel for welding, or securely hold onto pipes and rounded stock with equal ease. Made from durable 45# carbon steel for lasting toughness and wear resistance, the tool's jaws are hardened to provide increased strength with less chance of deformation under load. The jaws can be easily adjusted with a knurled turn screw on the base to give you the exact level of gripping pressure you need to grip onto metal fasteners or to clamp down and pinch off hoses. The traditional release design allows for easy one-handed use, even when wearing gloves.