Deluxe Cooling System Test Kit

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  • 14-PIECE KIT - Kit contains 14 pieces including 12 different test caps, pressure pump, and a temperature probe
  • TEST RANGE - Pump is able to provide test pressures ranging from 2 to 30 PSI (10-200 kPa)
  • 24-INCH HOSE - Pump features an extra- long 24-inch pressure hose assembly with a quick disconnect coupler
  • COLOR CODED CAPS - 8 expansion tank adapter caps are color coded for easy identification
  • FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC - Fits a wide range of foreign and domestic models including Ford, GM, Jeep, Honda, Mazda, Audi, Nissan, Toyota, and more
  • STORAGE CASE - Kit comes with a convenient blow-molded red plastic case for easy organization and storage

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Easily perform vehicle cooling system pressure tests with the STEELMAN 97322 Deluxe Cooling System Test Kit. The included pressure pump and hose assembly can provide test pressures ranging from 2 to 30 PSI (10-200 kPa) and has an attached 24-inch hose with quick-disconnect coupler and pressure relief valve. The attached gauge has a large, easy to read 2-1/2-inch diameter dial gauge with both PSI and kPa scales clearly marked. To prevent damage to the gauge from accidental bumps and knocks during use, it has a shock-resistant protective rubber boot. Durable and reliable, the pump is constructed of machined aluminum, brass and stainless steel with a machined aluminum piston and chemically resistant O-ring seals. The 12 included adapters fit conventional neck fittings as well as internally and externally threaded fittings. A temperature probe is also included for quickly checking antifreeze / radiator coolant temperatures before pressure testing. Kit comes complete with a blow-molded plastic storage case for convenient storage and organization.