STEELMAN Disc Brake Runout Gauge with Dial Indicator

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Make locating spots of rotor runout easier with the STEELMAN 60378 Disc Brake Runout Gauge with Dial Indicator. Featuring a 12-7/8-inch articulating flex arm that attaches to a set of locking pliers, this tool helps detect warpage on rotors due to the extreme heat of hard braking, wear from stuck calipers, and poor machining. The rugged 7-inch carbon steel locking pliers are able to be clamped onto lower control arms, caliper carriers, steering knuckles, or struts to provide a stationary anchor for the gauge. The flex arm is fully articulated and can be locked into place, keeping the gauge's needle in constant contact with the rotor surface. Gauge readings are accurate to within +/-0.001-inch and the entire kit comes in a blow-molded plastic case for easy storage between uses.
  • LOCATE WARP SPOTS - Locate warping in brake rotors cause by the extreme heat due to hard braking or stuck calipers
  • CARBON STEEL - Durable carbon steel locking pliers and flex arm stand up to frequent use
  • FLEX ARM - 12-7/8-inch articulating flex arm allows for the gauge to be easily affixed to rotors
  • ACCURATE READOUT - High accuracy 2-1/4-inch diameter face on dial gauge is accurate within +/-0.001-inch
  • STORAGE CASE - Comes with a blow-molded plastic case for easy storage between uses

    Color: Black
    Material: Carbon Steel
    Overall Dimensions: 11.25 in. L x 8.00 in. W x 3.00 in. H
    Item Weight (lb.): 3.31
    Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
    Country of Origin: China