Drum Brake Adjusting Tool

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  • TIP DIMENSIONS - 1 1/4-Inches long and 5/8-Inch wide
  • DURABLE - Made from durable steel with a brushed silver finish
  • EASIER ADJUSTING - Wide tip more easily engages the star wheel making adjustments easier
  • IDEAL TOOL - Better suited than a screwdriver this tool is ideal for adjusting drum-shoe clearance
  • NOT MODEL SPECIFIC - Offset head fits most drum brakes across various makes and models
Take some of the headache out of adjusting drum brakes on your car, truck, or trailer by using a tool made specifically for the job and the STEELMAN 42003 Drum Brake Adjusting Tool is specially designed for that very purpose. Its double-ended, angled design allows it to function across various makes and models and the 1 1/4-inch long, 5/8-inch wide tips allow it to more easily engage your brake's star wheel while avoiding the internal springs to speed up adjustments. Made from durable steel with an attractive brushed silver finish it resists corrosion from contact with brake and other fluids. While a screwdriver might eventually get the job done, why not use the right tool for the job at hand and make automotive maintenance less of a chore, add the STEELMAN Drum Brake Tool to your repair kit.