Drum Brake Spring Pliers

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  • VERSATILE - Works on drum brakes for most domestic and imported cars
  • DURABLE STEEL - Made from durable, chrome plated steel that resists rust and allows easy cleaning of brake dust and grime
  • REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION - Used to remove and install brake shoe return springs on most drum brakes
  • EASE OF USE - Socket end removes springs from anchor stud while notched end installs
  • WON'T DAMAGE SPRINGS - Installing springs with either the hooked or notched end won't introduce weak points like normal pliers
There are a good many springs involved when changing drum brakes, let the STEELMAN 42015 Brake Spring Pliers help you deal with them. This handy tool works on most types of drum brakes used in domestic and import cars whether they use springs that attach to a central anchor stud or attach shoe to shoe. For anchor stud style brakes the socket end quickly removes the springs with a few twists and the notched end allows you the leverage you need to replace the new springs. The hooked end has a pointed spike that grabs hold inside a rivet on the outside of the shoe to give you an anchor to use when removing older style springs. When repairs are finished the durable, chrome-plated steel wipes clean easily of any brake dust and grime.