Angled Euro-Lube Applicator Brush

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  • ANGLED BRUSH - Brush bristles are angled to better reach between rim and tire bead
  • LENGTH - Wooden handle measures 7-3/4-inches in length
  • STIFF BRISTLES - Stiff hog bristles are 1-3/4-inches in length and keep shape over repeated use
  • EASY APPLICATION - Thick packed bristles hold onto tire paste for easy application
  • 90-DAY WARRANTY - Backed by a 90-day limited warranty
The STEELMAN 96517 Angled Euro-Lube Applicator Brush is a sturdy, compact tool with 1-3/4-inch long bristles designed for use with thicker, paste-style mounting lubricants. This wooden handled, 7-3/4-inch long brush has a head that measures 1-inch in diameter that is densely packed with stiff hog bristles. These bristles grab and hold onto thick tire pastes better than cotton swabs, making application to car and truck tires quick and easy to speed up the wheel mounting process. The ergonomically angled end helps deliver tire soap / lubricant right where you need it along the bead of tires and between it and rims when dismounting tires. Backed by a 90-day limited warranty.