Replacement Stereo Headphones for STEELMAN 60491 ChassisEAR 2

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  • REPLACEMENT UNIT - Replaces damaged or lost headphones used by the STEELMAN 60491 ChassisEAR 2
  • STEREO SOUND - Headphones are capable of reproducing high quality stereo sound
  • ADJUSTABLE BAND - Adjustable band lets you customize headphone size for a perfect, comfortable fit
  • 3.5MM PLUG - Useable with any device that utilizes a standard 3.5mm headphone jack
  • COMPACT STORAGE - Headphones fold up for compact and easy storage when not in use
The STEELMAN PRO 60594 is a set of high quality stereo headphones to replace lost or damaged headphones used by the ChassisEAR 2 electronic diagnostic device. These headphones feature a fully adjustable band that can be customized to comfortably fit any size head. Capable of reproducing high fidelity stereo sound, perfect for diagnostic purposes, these headphones have a standard sized 3.5mm headphone plug and will work with any device that utilizes that size of connector. Compatible with, and identical to headphones used by, the STEELMAN PRO 60491 ChassisEAR 2 Electronic Diagnostic System.