Heavy Duty Wheel Weight Hammer

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  • MULTI-USE TOOL - specially designed tool able to install, remove, trim, tighten and adjust clip-on wheel weights
  • DURABLE - Made of rust resistant nickel plated steel for lasting durability
  • BALANCED - Tool is balanced for better leverage and more precise striking with the hammer face
  • REMOVE WEIGHTS - Top hook and beak-like jaws can be used to remove multiple types of clip on wheel weights
  • BEND AND CUT - Below the hinge pin is a cutting blade for trimming and a deep V notch for bending weights
  • HANDLE TIP TOOLS - Handle tips feature a point for releasing tire pressure and a wedge to help position weights
Install and remove clip-on wheel weights on car and truck tires with the STEELMAN Heavy Duty Wheel Weight Hammer. This handy pliers-like tool has multiple features to help make installing and removing rim and wheel weights easier. The top of the tool features a hook in addition to the beak-like paddle/spike jaw to provide a little extra leverage when removing a stubborn weight. This well-balanced tool is easy to control so that you can land clean, precise strikes with the hammer face. The cutting blade and V-shaped notch below the hinge can trim down and bend wheel weights for a custom fit. The tips of the handles feature a point for releasing tire pressure and a flat wedge for prying and positioning weights before crimping them into place.