Hold-Down Toggle Clamp for SPEEDJAW Clamping Tables

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  • EXCEPTIONAL CLAMPING FORCE - Holds wood, metal, and synthetic material projects firmly in place with up to 300-pounds of clamping force
  • IRON AND STEEL CONSTRUCTION - Constructed with a resilient ductile cast iron body with a plastisol padded locking handle
  • SWIVELLING CLAMP PAD - Fully adjustable pad base allows height and angle changes for better grip on odd shaped projects
  • 3/4-INCH SHAFT - 3/4-inch diameter threaded shaft allows for up to 7-inches of height adjustment
  • DUCTILE IRON PAD - Includes a removable ductile iron clamp pad that provides more surface area and better grip on metal projects
  • REMOVABLE BASE - Base and shaft are removable, allowing for additional temporary or permanent mounting options
  • VERSATILE - Clamp pad is compatible with SPEEDJAW 93622 Curved and 93623 Non-marring 1-inch jaw pads for added versatility (sold separately)
Hold your projects firmly in place on your SPEEDJAW clamping table with the SPEEDJAW WCL-200 (79218) Hold-Down Toggle Clamp. Providing up to 300-pounds of clamping force, this drop in toggle clamp features a padded locking handle and a fully adjustable clamp pad that can be angled to fit any shaped project. The rugged and vibration dampening ductile iron base features a removable lower section and 3/4-inch diameter threaded shaft that allows for up to 7-inches of height adjustment. With the lower base section removed the clamp can be bolted in place for more long term clamping uses. For added versatility the pad itself can use any of SPEEDJAW's line of 1-inch vise pads including 93622 Curved and 93623 Non-Marring pads for specialized clamping situations (sold separately). Comes with 1 removable ductile iron jaw pad that adds increased surface area and provides a more secure hold on metal projects.