HQ Headphones with Built-In Volume Control

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The STEELMAN PRO 78692 is set of high quality stereo headphones to replace lost or damaged headphones used by the Bluetooth ChassisEAR Kit. These headphones feature a fully adjustable band that can be customized to fit any size head comfortably. They also feature a built-in volume control dial to allow quick adjustments to volume without having to be near the recording device. The included cord is fully detachable with two 3.5mm male plugs and measures almost 7-feet in length to provide ample reach during inspections. Compatible with both the 78684 Bluetooth ChassisEAR and 78752 Bluetooth ChassisEAR Lite as well as the 91927 SmartEAR.
  • REPLACEMENT UNIT - Replaces damaged or lost headphones used by the STEELMAN PRO Bluetooth ChassisEAR
  • STEREO SOUND - Headphones are capable of reproducing high quality stereo sound
  • VOLUME DIAL - Volume control mounted to one side of the headphones lets you amplify faint noises quickly
  • EXTRA LONG CORD - Detachable 6-foot 10-inch cord lets you inspect areas without having to stay close to the recording device
  • ADJUSTABLE BAND - Adjustable band lets you customize headphone size for a perfect, comfortable fit
  • COMPACT STORAGE - Headphones fold up for compact and easy storage when not in use
  • COMPTAIBLE DEVICES - Useable with the 78684 Bluetooth ChassisEAR, 78752 ChassisEAR Lite, and 91927 SmartEAR

    Color: Black;Red
    Material: Plastic
    Overall Dimensions: 6.50 in. L x 2.50 in. W x 7.00 in. H
    Item Weight (lb.): 0.32
    Warranty: 90 Day Limited Warranty
    Country of Origin: China