Gutter Guard Ladder Stabilizer, Red and Black

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  • ROBUST DESIGN - Specifically crafted to fit within K-style gutters, providing a rigid frame that securely supports ladders up to 18.5-inch wide and prevents contact damage to gutters
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY - Designed to accommodate most 5 or 6-inch gutters, enhancing versatility across various home gutter systems
  • ENHANCED SAFETY - Equipped with molded PVC pads on both front and back, which significantly reduce the risk of ladder slippage during use
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION - Features an easy-to-use method allowing for quick installation without the need for special tools or professional help
  • DUAL STORAGE TRAYS - Integrated trays provide convenient storage for fasteners, parts, or other essential items, enhancing efficiency and accessibility during jobs
  • HANGER GAP DESIGN - Specially designed to straddle gutter hangers, ensuring your ability to access difficult to access locations
  • HASSLE-FREE MAINTENANCE - The guard is washable and constructed with UV resistant materials, ensuring long-lasting cleanliness and durability under various weather conditions
Protect your gutters and ensure ladder stability with Steelman's 61311 Gutter Guard Ladder Stabilizer. This innovative device is crafted from high-strength polyethylene, designed to work effortlessly with most 5 or 6-inch K-style gutters. It not only prevents ladder-related damages to your gutters by transfering the weight to the fascia or joist, but also enhances safety features to prevent ladder slippage. Easy to install with any pole or broom handle that is 1.5-inch in diameter or less. Just lift the gutter guard into place, and you're good to go. This gutter guard is an essential addition to any home maintenance toolkit.