6-Piece Replacement Piezoelectric Microphone Clamps with 16-foot Leads for STEELMAN PRO 60491 ChassisEAR 2

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  • 6-PACK - Replacement pack of 6 microphone clamps for the STEELMAN PRO ChassisEAR Diagnostic Tool
  • PINPOINT SENSING - Direct contact sound detection picks up noises closer to their source
  • 16-FOOT CABLES - 16-foot long wire leads allow microphone placement in difficult to reach places
  • COLOR CODED - Each microphone / clamp is color coded for easy identification and channel selection
  • COMPATIBILITY - Compatible with the STEELMAN PRO 60491 ChassisEAR 2 Electronic Diagnostic System
Replace worn or damaged wire leads to keep your ChassisEAR 2 working in top shape. Designed for use with the STEELMAN PRO 60491 ChassisEAR 2 Electronic Squeak and Rattle Finder, this pack of 6 replacement clamp microphones amplify and transmit sounds allowing users to listen and perform real time diagnostics in the repair stall and during road tests to locate troubling automotive noises. Using one or all six of the microphone clamps, you can easily pinpoint the exact location of noises that signal damaging wear and possible part failure connected to issues that cannot be duplicated in the garage repair stall and heard with a standard mechanic's stethoscope. Each of the clamps is color-coded with the colors red, blue, green, pink, white, and yellow for easy identification. Attached to each clamp is a 16-foot wire lead to give you the reach you need to ensure that you can access even the most difficult vehicle locations. Sensors easily clamp onto problem areas of cars and trucks including springs, torque rods, shocks, body mounts, brakes, dash assemblies, door hinges, drive trains, rear or front axles, transmissions, transfer cases, suspensions, sway bars, tie rod ends, struts, axle hubs, ring and pinion bearings, mufflers, catalytic converters, O2 sensors, A/T cases, oil pumps or even un-torqued bolts. Designed for use with the STEELMAN PRO 60491 ChassisEAR 2 Electronic Diagnostic System.