Low Profile Tire Removal Tool

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  • ANGLED HANDLE - 30-degree angled handle reduces strain on user’s hand and wrist
  • INCREASE LEVERAGE - 22-Inch long tool provides increased leverage to help remove low profile performance tires
  • DURABLE STEEL - Forged from durable and high strength chromoly steel for lasting reliability
  • REINFORCED SPINE - Large, reinforcing spine along tool length keeps it rigid under heavy loads
  • KNURLED GRIP - Knurling on the handle provides for a stable and sturdy grip
The STEELMAN PRO 99719 Low Profile Tire Removal Tool is designed for use removing low profile performance tires, all while reducing the strains put on technician's hands and wrists. The handle has a knurled texture that creates a non-slip grip and is set at a 30-degree angle to the actual tire spoon itself. Measuring 22-inches in length, the bar is able to provide maximum leverage against stiff sidewalls. Made from durable and high strength chromoly steel, this tool is designed to handle the heaviest loads needed to roll tire beads over wheels and has a reinforced central spine for unsurpassed rigidity and reliability. Take the strain off your wrists and hands and put it on the tire where it belongs and get the job done faster with STEELMAN PRO!