Nylon NO.8 Radiator Expansion Tank Test System Adapter for Volkswagen (VW) Vehicles

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  • ADD OR REPLACE - Professional grade accessory to replace a damaged adapter or to expand an existing cooling system test kit
  • DURABLE NYLON - Durable adapter made of corrosion resistant nylon with a white ring on the top for easy identification
  • QUICK CONNECT - Quick connect adapter on the cap for easy connection to pressure pumps
  • APPLICABLE VEHICLES - Radiator expansion tank adapter designed for use on Volkswagen (VW) vehicles
  • COMPATIBILITY - Designed for use with the STEELMAN 97332 and 60025 Cooling System Test Kits
Replace a lost or damaged radiator cap adapter or add a new one to your existing kit with this STEELMAN 60410 Nylon NO.8 Radiator Expansion Tank Test System Adapter. This radiator cap adapter is made from precision formed nylon 6-6 to stand up to high heat as well as mechanical wear. For easy identification among similar style adapter caps, this cap features a color coded segmented white ring on the top around the quick connect adapter to make it stand out. The top of the adapter has a quick-connect fitting to allow for easy attachment to hand held pressure pumps. Externally threaded, this adapter cap is designed for use on coolant expansion tanks used in specific model and model year Volkswagen (VW) vehicles. Compatible with pressure pumps used in the STEELMAN 97332 Cooling System Test and 60025 Cooling System Test and Purge / Refill Kits.