Oil Filter Wrench Strap

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Take on the task of removing spin-on oil and fuel filters on a wide range of makes and models of vehicles from cars and trucks to motorcycles and riding lawnmowers with the STEELMAN 06113 Oil Filter Strap Wrench. This spin-on filter removal wrench is made to be able to stand up to all kinds of use, from the long-term and repeated use of the busiest professional garage or the occasional use of a home based DIY oil changer. The strap itself is constructed of durable, tear-resistant nylon that will not stretch or slip during use and is permanently fixed to the wrench's 5-1/2-inch long steel bar. Compatible with any 1/2-inch drive ratchet, extension, or adapter, the wrench can also be used with a 3/4-inch open end or combination wrench. The self-tightening design of this strap wrench winds the strap's slack around the central square bar and grips tighter the harder you have to turn it and adjusts to fit filters of all sizes up to 6-inches (152mm) in diameter.
  • MULTI-VEHICLE USE - Strap-style filter wrench fits screw-on type oil filters found on motorcycles, cars, trucks, and riding lawnmowers
  • HEAVY DUTY - Heavy-duty strap is made of durable nylon to stand up to long term, repeated use and will not slip or stretch
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZE - Strap can be adjusted to fit spin-on oil and fuel filters up to 6-inches in diameter
  • SELF-TIGHTENING - Self-adjusting band design grips tighter to filters as you turn
  • RATCHET OR WRENCH USE - Useable with 1/2-inch drive ratchets, extensions, and adapters or with a 3/4-inch open end wrench
  • EXCEPTIONAL LEVERAGE - Rugged strap is permanently attached to a 5-1/2-inch steel bar for exceptional leverage

    Color: Black;Silver
    Material: Steel, Nylon
    Overall Dimensions: 6.00 in. L x 0.38 in. W x 1.50 in. H
    Item Weight (lb.): 0.53
    Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
    Country of Origin: Taiwan