Oil Filter Wrench 3-1/2-inch to 3-7/8-inch

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  • MULTI-VEHICLE USE - Band-style filter wrench fits screw-on type oil filters found on motorcycles, cars, trucks, and riding lawnmowers
  • HEAVY DUTY - Made from heavy duty steel to stand up to long term, repeated use
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZE - Strap adjusts to fit filters ranging from 3-1/2-inches to 3-7/8-inches in diameter (87mm to 95mm)
  • SELF-TIGHTENING - Self-adjusting band design grips tighter to filters as you turn
  • PIVOTING HANDLE - Handle's pivoting design lets you find the best angle for the most cramped engine compartments
  • VINYL GRIP - Handle is dipped in cushioning vinyl that also provides increased grip during use
Take on the task of removing oil filters on a wide range of makes and models of vehicles from cars and trucks to motorcycles and riding lawnmowers with the STEELMAN 06111 Oil Filter Wrench. This band-type filter removal wrench is made from heavy-duty steel to be able to stand up to all kinds of use, from the long-term and repeated use of the busiest professional garage or the occasional use of a home based DIY oil changer. The self-tightening design of this strap wrench grips tighter the harder you have to turn it and adjusts to fit filters ranging from 3-1/2-inches to 3-7/8-inches (87mm to 95mm) in diameter. The tool's vinyl-dipped handle provides a comfortable grip and it is even able to swivel 180-degrees so that it is easy to find a suitable working angle for oil filters in the smallest and tightest of engine compartments.