Protective Automotive Fender Cover with Magnetic Hook Mounts

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Protect vehicle finishes during routine maintenance and service with this handy fender cover. Made from tough PVC around a flexible cloth core, this 44-inch wide x 17.75-inch deep fender pad is designed to allow clothing to glide over its surface without snagging or pulling the cover out of place all while protecting delicate paint jobs from scratches caused by tools, buttons, zippers and belt buckles. Along the top of the cover are 4 sets of magnets, each sewn into its own pocket to prevent bunching while still allowing the individual magnets to be moved and adjusted to fit around bolt heads, rubber spacers, and other obstructions that would prevent regular, single-strip magnets from properly adhering. When dealing with vehicles without fender lips big enough to allow secure attachment or have carbon fiber, fiberglass, or otherwise non-metallic fenders, this cover also includes 3 PVC jacketed stainless steel hooks. These non-marring hooks are fully bendable and can be bent to fit snugly on any fender lip or edge. The PVC outer shell resists rips and tears as well as most common automotive chemicals including brake fluid and battery acid.
  • PROTECT VEHICLES - Designed to stay put during use and prevent scratches from tools and clothing
  • PVC COATED CLOTH - Made with an easy to clean PVC outer shell around a cloth core
  • SHEATHED MAGNETS - 4 PVC sheathed magnet sets can be moved and adjusted to work around bolts and spacers
  • ADJUSTABLE HOOKS - 3 bendable stainless steel hooks anchor cover over any edge or lip, even on non-metallic fenders
  • CHEMICAL RESISTANT - Tough PVC resists daily wear and tear including most automotive chemicals and fluids
  • DIMENSIONS - Measures 44-inches wide and 17.75-inches deep

    Color: Red
    Material: PVC
    Overall Dimensions: 44.00 in. L x 18.00 in. W x 0.30 in. H
    Item Weight (lb.): 1.51
    Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
    Country of Origin: Canada