Rechargeable 70 Lumen Pen Light

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  • PINPOINT ILLUMINATION - Single bulb produces 70 lumens of bright white illumination
  • ANODIZED ALUMINUM - Durable casing is made of black anodized aluminum with a tough polycarbonate lens
  • POCKET CLIP - Includes an attached painted steel pocket clip to easily secure the light onto a pocket or lanyard
  • RECHARGEABLE - Built-in rechargeable lithium ion (Li-ion) battery powers the light for 75 minutes of continuous use
  • CONCEALED PORT - Sliding collet conceals the built-in micro USB recharging port, keeping out dirt and debris
  • INCLUDED WALL CHARGER - Comes with an AC wall mount charger and USB to micro USB cable
No matter where you are, you’ll never be stuck in the dark thanks to the STEELMAN PRO 78609 Rechargeable 70 Lumen Pen Light. With a simple click, you’re provided with 70 lumens of bright light that lasts up to an hour and 15 minutes. Pocket sized, this handy flashlight has a built-in steel clip to let you secure it easily to a pocket, backpack, lanyard, or tool pouch. The included rechargeable lithium ion battery is recharged through the built-in charging port located under the sliding collet that protects the port from dirt, debris, and moisture when not charging. Easily charged from any wall outlet using the included micro USB wall adapter or even with a portable USB power bank or battery pack, the Li-ion battery is rated to keep taking a full charge for up to 300 charging cycles before beginning to wear out. The water-resistant surface is perfect when you’re caught in a rainstorm or dealing with leaky pipes in the basement. And if you accidentally drop it, the black anodized aluminum casing and durable polycarbonate lens will ensure it doesn’t break. Ideal for home inspectors, mechanics, nurses, medical professionals, home owners, or anyone who needs a compact, reliable light.