Convex Acrylic Security Mirror with Mounting Hardware

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SKU: PLX-1524
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  • INCREASE SAFETY - Wide angle mirror helps increase visibility around corners or monitor an area for better security
  • SHATTER RESISTANT - Mirror is made of shatter-resistant PMMA acrylic glass that reflects a clear image
  • PROTECTIVE TRIM - Full rubberized trim around mirror edge protects mirror from accidental damage in high traffic areas
  • MINIMAL DISTORTION - Curved 15-inch x 24-inch mirror reflects clear, distortion-free views across entire surface
  • INCLUDED HARDWARE - Mirror comes with an installed adjustable ball-joint arm and carbon steel wall or ceiling mounting hardware
Bring a little extra security and visibility to your work area with the STEELMAN PLX-1524 Rectangular Convex Acrylic Security Mirror. This tough yet lightweight 15-inch x 24-inch easily mounts to walls or ceilings to provide increased viewing angles to help see around corners and other obstructions in the busiest or highest traffic areas. Made of shatter-resistant PMMA acrylic glass, this mirror features a rubberized trim that covers the entire edge offering additional protection in the event of accidental bumps when moving stock or tall equipment. The curved surface, while increasing viewable area, is distortion-free, giving clear and easy to identify reflections. Comes complete with carbon steel mounting hardware that includes an adjustable ball-joint arm for easy positioning of the mirror once mounted.