Replacement 20V 4Ah Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery Pack with LED Charge Indicator

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  • REPLACEMENT OR BACKUP - Replace a failing, tired battery that exceeded its charge cycle life or as a spare
  • HIGH ENERGY DENSITY - Lithium ion design provides high energy density and fast, efficient charging
  • 20V 4AH POWER - Designed to deliver 20V 4Ah power to give tools dependable, lasting power
  • LED INDICATOR - Onboard LED indicator lights show battery charge level at the press of a button
  • COMPATIBLE TOOLS - Compatible with STEELMAN 60863, 60864, 60867 and 60956 cordless tools
Battery reached the end of its cycle life? Need to put in a long day but a single battery can't last long enough? Solve problems like these with the STEELMAN 60865 Replacement 20V 4Ah Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery Pack. This portable power cell can replace either a dying battery whose charge cycles are used up or can be easily carried in work bag and swapped out when the current battery's charge runs low so you can keep going longer. Designed with Li-Ion technology, this battery provides high energy density along with fast and efficient charging. A built-in array of LED lights act as a charge level indicator so you always know if you're getting close to needing to swap out or recharge. Compatible with STEELMAN cordless power tool part numbers 60863, 60864, 60867, and 60956.